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We are a team of an academic entrepreneur with extensive experience in technology and business for the development of sustainable “green” technologies.Electrochemistry is one of the most fundamental subjects that has prime importance in the field of applications such as battery, fuel cell, new age solar cell, industrial production of Cl 2 , H 2 etc. The team of Eliteck possess profound knowledge in both fundamental as well as applicable electrochemistry. We felt a huge gap to obtain quality and reliable electrochemical instruments, accessories as well as service within a short period of time. This void was mostly created due to excessive dependence on the foreign products. In fact as of now, there exist hardly any Indian company that can provide electrochemical instrumentation/accessories with complete domestic technology and (wo) men power. Eliteck was born to fill this huge gap and we developed various electrochemical accessories and electrodes by transferring the technology from the laboratory of electrochemistry for Energy and Environment (L3E) (http://l3e.co.in). L3E mainly deals with the electrochemically engineering of various materials for the applications in battery, artificial photosynthesis, super capacitor, corrosion protection, catalysis etc.

Our USP is the custom designed electrodes and electrochemical accessories which are extensively utilized both in academic laboratories and research and development laboratory of industries. In addition to this we also possess extensive experience in electrochemistry and material chemistry which enable us to provide consultancy on a specific project. We are presently situated at the Incubation center of the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) (http://tcgtbi.iiests.ac.in/). We strongly believe in the concept of “Make in India” which reflects in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art innovative technologies. This will one side end the dependence on overseas products and on the other hand will create excellence in domestic human resource.

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